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OTRR Group's Certified Series

The OTRR Group's Certified library is currently the most accurate archive of OTR series in the world. Each series has been thoroughly researched, accurately labeled (dates and titles), and transcribed at the highest quality possible. Furthermore, each series also includes many additional historic features such as photos, bios and additional sound clips.

   These series are constantly being reviewed and updated as new shows are being discovered.

   The OTRR Group is proud to share these series with non-commercial parties. To receive any of these premier series, please check for availability on-line at www.archive.org, or e-mail the Distribution Center for more information.

To view or add comments or issues about specific releases, please use the following link:   http://www.otrr.org/pmwiki/Misc/ReleaseIssues

Adventures By Morse
Blue Beetle
Candy Matson
Dr Kildare
Magic Island
Philo Vance
Richard Diamond
Rocky Fortune
Sam Spade
Smiley Burnette
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

*Complete = Set includes complete series.
*Accurate = Set includes all known episodes in existence.

21st Precinct - (accurate Ver.01)

Absolute Power - (complete Ver.01)

Academy Award Theater - (complete Ver.02)

Adventures By Morse - (complete Ver.02)

Adventures of Philip Marlowe - (accurate Ver.01)

Adventures of The Falcon - (accurate Ver.01)

Afloat With Henry Morgan - (complete Ver.01)

Alka Seltzer Time - (complete Ver.01)

American History Through The Eyes Of Radio - (complete Ver.01)

An Evening with Groucho - (complete Ver.01)

Barrie Craig - Confidential Investigator - (accurate Ver.03)

Behind The Mike - (accurate Ver.01)

Big Show - (accurate Ver.02)

Bing Crosby - Rosemary Clooney Show - (accurate Ver.01)

Black Museum - (accurate Ver.02)

Blair of the Mounties - (complete Ver.01)

Blue Beetle - (complete Ver.01)

Boston Blackie - (accurate Ver.02)

Box 13 - (complete Ver.01)

Bright Star - (accurate Ver.02)

Broadway's My Beat - (accurate Ver.01)

Can You Imagine That - (accurate Ver.01)

Candy Matson, Yukon 28209 - (accurate Ver.01)

Case Dismissed - (complete Ver.01)

Casey, Crime Photographer - (accurate Ver.01)

CBS Radio Workshop - (complete Ver.01)

Challenge Of The Yukon  - (accurate Ver.01)

Chet Chetter’s Tales from the Morgue - (complete Ver.02)

Cinnamon Bear, The - (complete Ver.02)

Claybourne - (complete Ver.01)

Cloak and Dagger - (accurate Ver.02)

Crime And Peter Chambers - (complete Ver.01)

Crime Classics - (accurate Ver.03)

Crime Club - (accurate Ver.01)

Cruise of the Poll Parrot - (complete Ver.01)

Danger, Doctor Danfield - (complete Ver.01)

Dangerously Yours - (accurate V.01)

DareDevils Of Hollywood - (complete V.01)

Dark Fantasy - (accurate Ver.01)

Day of the Triffids - (complete V01)  ** Log unavailable **

Democracy in America - (complete Ver.01) 

The Devil and Mr. O - (complete Ver.01)

Dimension X - (complete Ver.01)

Down Our Way - (complete Ver. 01)

Dr. Kildare - (accurate Ver.02)

Dragnet - (accurate Ver.01)

Family Doctor - (complete Ver.02)

Firefighters - (complete Ver.01)

Fort Laramie - (complete Ver.02)

Frank Race, The Adventures of - (accurate Ver.01

Frontier Fighters - (complete ver.01)

Frontier Gentleman - (complete Ver.02)

Grantland Rice Story, The  - (complete Ver.01)

Gunsmoke - (accurate Ver.04)

Halls Of Ivy, The - (complete Ver.01)

Harold Peary Show, The - (complete Ver.01)


Hello Americans - (complete Ver.01)

Heritage Over The Land - (complete Ver.01)

In the Name of the Law - (complete Ver.01)

Incredible, but True - (complete Ver.01)

It Sticks Out Half a Mile - (complete Ver.01)

Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon - (complete Ver.01)

Let George Do It - (accurate Ver.01)

Love Story - (complete Ver.01)

Luke Slaughter of Tombstone - (complete Ver.02)

Magic Island - (complete Ver.02)

Mama Bloom's Brood - (complete Ver.01)

Marriage, The - (accurate Ver.01)

Mary Lee Taylor Program - (accuarte Ver.01)

Matinee Theater - (accurate Ver.01)

Moon Over Africa - (complete Ver.01)

Mr. Keen, Trace of Lost Persons - (accurate Ver.03)

Mystery House - (accurate Ver.01)

NBC's First Fabulous Fifty - (complete Ver.02)

New Adventures of Nero Wolfe - (accurate Ver.01)

On Stage - (accurate Ver.01)

One World Flight - (complete Ver.01)

The Pacific Story - (accurate Ver.01)

Pat O' Daniel and His Hillbilly Boys - (accurate Ver.01)

Philo Vance - (accurate Ver.02)

Pinto Pete In Arizona (compete Ver.01)

Planet Man, The - (accurate Ver.02)

Police Headquarters - (accurate Ver.01)

Ports of Call - (complete Ver.01)

Redbook Dramas - (accurate Ver.01)

Richard Diamond - (accurate Ver.02)

Rocky Fortune - (complete Ver.01)

Rogue's Gallery - (accurate Ver.02)

Rotary Golden Theater - (complete Ver.01)

Sam Spade, The Adventures of - (accurate Ver.02)

The Secrets of Scotland Yard - (complete Ver.03)

Shell Chateau - (accurate Ver.02)

Six Shooter, The - (complete Ver.04)

Smiley Burnette (4 discs) - (accurate Ver.02)

Soldiers of the Press - (accurate Ver.01)

Stand By for Crime - (accurate Ver.01)

Tales Of The Diamond K - (accurate Ver.01)

The Tenth Man - (complete Ver.01)

Theater Five - (accurate Ver.01)

Theater Royal -(accurate Ver.01)

Victor Borge Collection - (accurate Ver.02) - *Non-Certified*

World Adventurer's Club - (complete Ver.01)

X Minus One - (complete Ver.01)

You Can't Do Business With Hitler - (accurate Ver.01)

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - (accurate Ver.01)