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Project OTR.db

   The OTRR Group's ultimate goal is to compile a complete and accurate database listing ALL radio episodes broadcast during the Golden Age of Radio. The existing efforts may be accessed directly from this site using the link listed below. 

    The database is divided alphabetically. No additional software is required. To access the database with OTTER, please use the OTTER Access link on the "OTRR db' above.

*** To view the OTRR Group Database click here ***

Notes on the Database:

  • Clicking on the episode title brings up the Episode Log
  • Clicking on the red S button brings up a detailed synopsis of the series

   Updates or new show descriptions may be submitted to the Series Information Director.

   Corrections or updates to the LOGS section may be submitted to Series Log Director

Log Submissions:

Individual text logs come to the Old Time Radio Researchers from a variety of places, including those submitted by our own researchers. Many time we receive a log or a revised log from an individual with no source information.

If you submit a new log for inclusion in our OTTER database, please include the name of the person who originally created the log, if possible.

If you see logs in OTTER that you recognize were created by an  individual and the log is not credited to them please let us know by  e-mailing the the Series Information Director, with the name of the log and creator. Corrections to the individual text logs will be done at the next update of the OTTER database.

OTRR is committed to recognizing the authors of the logs used in our programs. We would like to thank these researchers for their committed work in the preservation of this media. Please use this link to review log sources

A special thanks for the long hours and hard work of the following individuals in preparing these logs:Jack Hassett, Rob McConeghy, Peter Schrama, Scott Carpenter, Philip 376, Andrew Steinberg, Frank Passage, Jack Freeman, Chris Howell, Jean Henri Duteau, Geoff Locker, Marion Willow, Stewart Wright, Jim Beshires, Scott Erickson, Menachem Shapiro, Diane Hull, David Oxford, Andy Rizzo, Bertil Nasstrom, Lynn Willis, Fred Bertelven, Clorinda Thompson, Linda Parker, Bernard Child, Comrad Nelson, Ed Martin, Peter Prunka, Ben Kibler, Jim Jones, Andy Firth, Jason Clark, Linda Parker, Lisa Fittinghoff, Robert Gilroy, Jane Rau, Archie Hunter, Sandra Denker, Owen Davis and Roy Moore