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Jul 17, 2014


Old Time Radio Magazines

Vintage OTR Magazines

Allied Radio Catalog (06)

Broadcast Weekly (05)

CBC Times (79)

CBC Program Schedule (75)

Don McNeils' Breakfast Club (05)

General Foods Broadcaster (7)

Intermission (01)

KMA Guide (07)

Microphone, The (26)

Misc 1 ( 12)

Movie-Radio Guide (95)

National Radio News (23)

News Digest (02)

OTA Vintage)(04)

Radio (08)

Radio Age (63)

Radio Album (09)

Radio Annuals (23)

Radio Best (02)

Radio Dial (14)

Radio Digest (67)

Radio Doings (27)

Radio Guide (327)

Radio Index (9)

Radio Journal (03)

Radioland (22)

Radio Life (18)

Radio Log (1)

Radio Mirror (110)

Radio News (01)

Radio Parade (01)

Radio Revue (04)

Radio Row (02)

Radio Lore (4)

Radio Stars (34)

Radio Station WLS (7)

Radio Topics (05)

Radio And TV Mirror (20)

Radio Varieties (23

Radio Best (5)

Rural Radio (07)

Sponsor (122)

Stand By (50)

Tune In (50)

TV Radio Mirror (06)

Tower Radio (05)

Western Canada Radio News (01)

Whats On The Air (15)

WIBW Roundup (01)

WLS (36)

WQXR Radio Programs (03)

OTR Club Magazines

Air Check (69)

Airwaves (20)

Collectors Corner (37)

Currents (04)

Epilogue (3)

Hello Again (218)

Illustrated Press (392)

Jot 'Em Down Journal (80)

Memories (27)

Miscellaneous (43)

NARA News (51)

National Radio Trader (6)

Nostalgia Digest (139)

Nostalgia News (32)

Nostalgia Newsletter (85)

NOTRE News (9)

On The Air (13)

OTR Digest (104)

OTR Fan (1)

Radio Currents (3)

Radio Dial (7)

Radio Historian (1)

Radio Nostalgia (4)

Radio Premium Collectors
     Newsletter (2)

Remember Radio (2)

Return With Us Now (201)

RLL On The Air (2)

Serial Report (13)

Sperdvac Radiogram (96)

Stand By...On The Air   (1)

Stay Tuned (12)

The Great Radio Shows (7)

Tune In Yesterday (8)

Wavelengths (1)

Magazines Containing
OTR Information

Past Times (11)

History of Old Time Radio Magazines

    Publication of old time radio magazines is as old as the hobby itself. Fans wanted a way to connect with each other in those pre-computer days, and fanzines were the best way.  They utilized various methods of print, some few commercial, but most were mimeographed, with one or two being typewritten!!  Circulation was always small, generally under 100 copies, but Radio Dial reported in 1970 their subscription list was nearly 600.

    Those early days gave birth to many publications, of which it's believed that 'Radio Dial' published by The Radio Historical Society of America(now defunct), was the first.  RHSA was organized in 1959.

    Many other clubs arose to serve the needs of collectors - SPERDVAC, NARA(now defunct), Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound, Radio Preservation Club, Radio Historical Association of Colorado, Old Time Radio Club of Buffalo, Metro Washington Old Time Radio Club, Golden Radio Buffs of MD, Inc, and the Chattanooga Old Time Radio Club. Each published a magazine especially for their members.

    There were many independent publications as well -  Airwaves, OTRAGAN, Collectors Corner, The National Radio Trader, World of Yesterday, BRC News And Reviews, Nostalgia Radio News, No Static Please, Stay Tuned, Radiola, Epilogue, Radio Premiums Collectors Newsletter,  Nostalgia Newsletter, Radio Historian, Stand By..On The Air, Radio Nostalgia, OTR Digest, and perhaps many more. They were all filled with stories about otr, pictures of conventions, and featured many collectors who are no longer with us. Some of those early fans are still active today carrying on a tradition established nearly 50 years ago. Most of those publications, excepting the club magazines and OTR Digest no longer exist.

    It is the goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group to attempt to locate, scan and preserve as many of these great publications as possible. They constitute a vital part of our history, and far too many issues have yellowed, faded, or been thrown away.  Additionally, many languish in the files of collectors who have no wish to share them with the community at large, and others are to be found in only in museum collections.

    We invite the various otr clubs to make back issues available via pdf files so that they can be included in this publication archive. Individuals who have copies of these, as well as any other otr or nostalgia magazine are encouraged to submit them for archiving also. All contributors will be acknowledged as patrons of the 'Old Time Radio Publication Archives'.

Many of tht scans of these old time radio magazines are from collectors who own the copies and have granted the Old Time Radio Researchers exclusive permission to host them. Copying them for commercial use is strictly forbidden.


Dr. Joe Webb
Frank Passage
Jim Widner
Scott Brick
Kathy Hammel
Steven Hiss
Hal Skinner
Tom Brown
Thomas Harrison

 Jim Beshires
Jay Hickerson
Bob Burchett
Chuck  Schaden
Michael Muderick
B. J. George
Alan Kline
Terry Caswell
Radio Historical Assn Of Colorado
Tim Walker
Unknown #2


Alan Kleinberger
Bob Burnham
Ryan Ellett
Al Girard
OTR Club of Buffalo
Radio Enthusiasts Of Puget Sound
Lew Krieger
Larry Husch
Sue Sieger
Doug Hopkinson
Jack French


Allied Radio Catalog 1929.pdf
Allied Radio Catalog 1933.pdf
Allied Radio Catalog 1938.pdf
Allied Radio Catalog 1939.pdf
Allied Radio Catalog 1942.pdf
Allied Radio Catalog 1943.pdf
Don M cNeil's Breakfast Club Yearbook 1947.pdf
Don McNeil's Breakfast Club 20 Yearsa of Corn.pdf
Don McNeil's Breakfast Club Yearbook 1942.pdf
Don McNeil's Breakfast Club Yearbook 1948.pdf
Don McNeils' Breakfast Club Yearbook 1954.pdf
Intermission 4906.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 400607.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 401108.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 401213.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 410117.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 410118.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 410214.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 410307.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 411010.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 411024.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 411205.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 411219.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 420828.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 421023.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 421120.pdf
Movie - Radio Guide 421127.pdf
On The Air 2510.pdf
On The Air 2512.pdf
On The Air 2604.pdf
On The Air 2610.pdf
Radio 2112.pdf
Radio 2201.pdf
Radio 2202.pdf
Radio 2302.pdf
Radio 2303.pdf
Radio 2305.pdf
Radio 2501.pdf
Radio 2509.pdf
Radio Age 2205.pdf
Radio Age 2206.pdf
Radio Age 2207 - 2208.pdf
Radio Age 2209.pdf
Radio Age 2210.pdf
Radio Age 2211.pdf
Radio Age 2212.pdf
Radio Age 2301 - 2302.pdf
Radio Age 2303.pdf
Radio Age 2304.pdf
Radio Age 2305.pdf
Radio Age 2306.pdf
Radio Age 2307.pdf
Radio Age 2308.pdf
Radio Age 2309.pdf
Radio Age 2310.pdf
Radio Age 2311.pdf
Radio Age 2312.pdf
Radio Age 2401.pdf
Radio Age 2402.pdf
Radio Age 2403.pdf
Radio Age 2404.pdf
Radio Age 2405.pdf
Radio Age 2406.pdf
Radio Age 2407.pdf
Radio Age 2408.pdf
Radio Age 2409.pdf
Radio Age 2410.pdf
Radio Age 2411.pdf
Radio Age 2412.pdf
Radio Age 2501.pdf
Radio Age 2502.pdf
Radio Age 2504.pdf
Radio Age 2505.pdf
Radio Age 2506.pdf
Radio Age 2507.pdf
Radio Age 2508.pdf
Radio Age 2509.pdf
Radio Age 2510.pdf
Radio Age 2511.pdf
Radio Age 2512.pdf
Radio Age 2601.pdf
Radio Age 2602.pdf
Radio Age 2603.pdf
Radio Age 2604.pdf
Radio Age 2605.pdf
Radio Age 2606.pdf
Radio Age 2607.pdf
Radio Age 2608.pdf
Radio Age 2609.pdf
Radio Age 2610.pdf
Radio Age 2611.pdf
Radio Age 2612.pdf
Radio Age 2701.pdf
Radio Age 2702.pdf
Radio Age 2703.pdf
Radio Age 2704.pdf
Radio Age 2705 - 2706.pdf
Radio Age 2707- 2708.pdf
Radio Age 2709.pdf
Radio Age 2710.pdf
Radio Age 2711.pdf
Radio Age 2712 - 2801.pdf
Radio Best 4908.pdf
Radio Guide 340428.pdf
Radio Guide 340818.pdf
Radio Guide 350413.pdf
Radio Guide 361031.pdf
Radio Guide 370515.pdf
Radio Guide 370626.pdf
Radio Guide 370731.pdf
Radio Guide 370814.pdf
Radio Guide 370925.pdf
Radio Guide 391229.pdf
Radio Guide 400202.pdf
Radio Journal 2401.pdf
Radio Journal 2404.pdf
Radio Journal 2405.pdf
Radio Life 450513.pdf
Radio Life 450520.pdf
Radio Life 450715.pdf
Radio Life 450722.pdf
Radio Life 450729.pdf
Radio Life 450805.pdf
Radio Life 450812.pdf
Radio Life 450819.pdf
Radio Life 470608.pdf
Radio Mirror 3311.pdf
Radio Mirror 3401.pdf
Radio Mirror 3403.pdf
Radio Mirror 3405.pdf
Radio Mirror 3407.pdf
Radio Mirror 3410.pdf
Radio Mirror 3411.pdf
Radio Mirror 3412.pdf
Radio Mirror 3506.pdf
Radio Mirror 3507.pdf
Radio Mirror 3508.pdf
Radio Mirror 3509.pdf
Radio Mirror 3510.pdf
Radio Mirror 3511.pdf
Radio Mirror 3512.pdf
Radio Mirror 3606.pdf
Radio Mirror 3608.pdf
Radio Mirror 3610.pdf
Radio Mirror 3612.pdf
Radio Mirror 3702.pdf
Radio Mirror 3703.pdf
Radio Mirror 3704.pdf
Radio Mirror 3705.pdf
Radio Mirror 3706.pdf
Radio Mirror 3707.pdf
Radio Mirror 3708.pdf
Radio Mirror 3709.pdf
Radio Mirror 3710.pdf
Radio Mirror 3711.pdf
Radio Mirror 3712.pdf
Radio Mirror 3801.pdf
Radio Mirror 3802.pdf
Radio Mirror 3806.pdf
Radio Mirror 3808.pdf
Radio Mirror 3901.pdf
Radio Mirror 3903.pdf
Radio Mirror 3905.pdf
Radio Mirror 3906.pdf
Radio Mirror 3907.pdf
Radio Mirror 3908.pdf
Radio Mirror 3909.pdf
Radio Mirror 3910.pdf
Radio Mirror 3911.pdf
Radio Mirror 3912.pdf
Radio Mirror 4001.pdf
Radio Mirror 4002.pdf
Radio Mirror 4003.pdf
Radio Mirror 4004.pdf
Radio Mirror 4005.pdf
Radio Mirror 4006.pdf
Radio Mirror 4007.pdf
Radio Mirror 4307.pdf
Radio Mirror 4308.pdf
Radio Mirror 4310.pdf
Radio Mirror 4311.pdf
Radio Mirror 4312.pdf
Radio Mirror 4501.pdf
Radio Mirror_4309.pdf
Radio Revue 2912.pdf
Radio Revue 3001.pdf
Radio Revue 3002.pdf
Radio Revue 3003.pdf
Radio Row 1946 Spring.pdf
Radio Stars 3308.pdf
Radio Stars 3606.pdf
Radio Stars 3802.pdf
Radio Topics 2304.pdf
Radio Topics 2307.pdf
Radio Topics 2309.pdf
Radio Topics 2312.pdf
Radio Topics 2404.pdf
Radio Varieties 2611.pdf
Radio Varieties 3910.pdf
Radio Varieties 4004.pdf
Radio Varieties 4006.pdf
Radio Varieties 4007.pdf
Radio Varieties 4008.pdf
Radio Varieties 4009.pdf
Radio Varieties 4010.pdf
Radio Varieties 4011.pdf
Radio Varieties 4012.pdf
Radio Varieties 4101.pdf
Radio Varieties 4102.pdf
Radio Varieties 4103.pdf
Radio Varieties 4104.pdf
Radio Varieties 4106.pdf
Radio and Television Mirror 4902.pdf
Radioland 3309.pdf
Radioland 3310.pdf
Radioland 3312.pdf
Radioland 3406.pdf
Radioland 3407.pdf
Radioland 3408.pdf
Radioland 3409.pdf
Radioland 3410.pdf
Radioland 3503.PDF
Rural Radio 3804.pdf
Rural Radio 3805.pdf
Rural Radio 3806.pdf
Rural Radio 3810.pdf
Rural Radio 3812.pdf
Rural Radio 3905.pdf
Rural Radio's Album of Favorite Radio Stars - vol. 1.pdf
Stand By 350216.pdf
Stand By 350223.pdf
Stand By 350303.pdf
Stand By 350309.pdf
Stand By 350316.pdf
Stand By 350323.pdf
Stand By 350330.pdf
Stand By 350406.pdf
Stand By 350413.pdf
Stand By 350420.pdf
Stand By 350427.pdf
Stand By 350504.pdf
Stand By 350511.pdf
Stand By 350518.pdf
Stand By 350525.pdf
Stand By 350601.pdf
Stand By 350608.pdf
Stand By 350615.pdf
Stand By 350622.pdf
Stand By 350629.pdf
Stand By 350706.pdf
Stand By 350713.pdf
Stand By 350720.pdf
Stand By 350727.pdf
Stand By 350803.pdf
Stand By 350810.pdf
Stand By 350817.pdf
Stand By 350824.pdf
Stand By 350831.pdf
Stand By 350907.pdf
Stand By 350914.pdf
Stand By 350921.pdf
Stand By 350928.pdf
Stand By 351005.pdf
Stand By 351012.pdf
Stand By 351019.pdf
Stand By 351026.pdf
Stand By 351102.pdf
Stand By 351109.pdf
Stand By 351116.pdf
Stand By 351123.pdf
Stand By 351130.pdf
Stand By 351207.pdf
Stand By 351214.pdf
Stand By 351221.pdf
Stand By 351228.pdf
Tune In 4303.pdf








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