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OTRR Groups

   To accomplish its' OTR preservation goals (see MISSION STATEMENT), the OTRR Group actually consists of three major groups. Many members belong to one, two or even all three groups. All three groups are Yahoo based and each perform a separate but vital function. 

   We invite everyone with an interest in OTR to please review the following groups. If you think you might be interested in joining and participating in any of the following, just click on the appropriate button to contact us.

   The Old Time Radio Researchers Group is the central group where most of the OTR preservation work is focused. In this group members track down "lost" episodes or "new" series which are not in general release. The OTRR Group has had outstanding success in bringing forth previously forgotten shows. This group is responsible for transcribing these shows to WAV and MP3 format.  Some members work to gather detailed program information on the series. Finally, some members collate the data, review the best transcriptions, and release an OTRR Certified series for general distribution. An OTRR Certified series is becoming the Gold Standard amongst the OTR listening community.

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    The OTR.db-Project is responsible for preparing, verifying and maintaining the logs in the OTTER database. Through the diligent efforts of this group the current database has swollen to over 1,500 series containing over 150,000 episodes.  Logs are prepared from data gathered from other reliable web sources, radio transcripts and old newspaper radio logs. Using OTTER, this database is accessed daily by OTR collectors world wide. The accuracy and efforts of the OTR-Project is highly recognized and has brought attention and respect to the OTRR Group from throughout the OTR community.

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OTR.db - Project

   OTRR Distro Group is the distribution center for the premier Certified Series released by the parent body - the Old Time Researchers Group. If you want only the best series available, this is the place to get them.  Members are required to post their complete mailing addresses, and be willing to copy two sets, if asked, of any distribution they might want to take part in.

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OTRR Distro Group