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OTRR Group's "Project-OTR.db"

    One of the OTRR Group's major undertakings is Project-OTR.db (database).  Project-OTR.db involves compiling and maintaining a vast interactive OTR database whose ultimate goal is obtaining correct show titles and dates for ALL OTR episodes.  At present the group's database now lists over 1,911 series consisting of over 177,844 individual episodes.   Preparation and maintenance of this database, with its' highly researched and accurate logs,  has brought attention and focus from the OTR community to the OTTR Group.  By freely sharing this information, the group has become one of the prime informational sources amongst OTR collectors.

Accessing THE Database

The OTRR database can be accessed in one of two different ways:

  1. Directly:  The OTRR db has direct access.  For more information and direct access CLICK HERE.
  2. OTTER:   The OTRR db can also be accessed through an interactive program called OTTER.  For more information on the OTTER program (and for existing users wanting to update their database) CLICK HERE