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OTR Help Documents

     The OTRR Group has compiled many documents and references to assist in the preservation of Old Time Radio. These documents can provide invaluable guidence on numerous topics pertaining to OTR collection, restoration, and preservation. Please feel free to utilize them. If any items appear to be incorrect or out dated in anyway please, contact the appropriate person so that information may be updated.

     Also, many valuable web resources may be found at OTR LINKS.

   The following is divided into two sections. The first section contains reference documents used primarily in the developement of a Certified Series.

Materials for Collecting, Restoring, Preserving, and Certifying OTR Episodes.

How To Care For CDs/DVD
A Guide for Librarians and Archivists

A 42 page PDF doucument on cd/dvd theory and care. More than you would ever need or want to know on this subject.

Accepted Abbreviations For Old Time Radio Series Titles 

Four letter abbreviations accepted and standardized by The OTR-Project. Use of these abreviations are highly recommended when series name proves to be too long. Questions and comments, please contact  Steve.

Certified Series

A complete list of all series which have been certified (either COMPLETE OR ACCURATE) by the Researchers Group. These series are certified as having the most and best episodes available at the time of certification. 

For more innformation on how a series becomes certified, refer the
Certification Document

If you know of or have any missing episodes, or better encodes, please contact Roger

To receive information on how to obtain copies of these certified series, please e-mail us. 

Certification Document

A doucument explaing the detailed process of how a series becomes certified by OTRR.

How To Create A Series Log For The OTTER Database  

TXT formatted document which outlines both the research and the paper work proceedures for compiling an OTTER log.

Files listing know problems with for specifiec series, such duplicate names, incorrect dates, etc
Series Synopsis Information 

Brief descriptions of OTR series, in many cases giving the stars,  broadcast date ranges, sponsors and other information. This is an ongoing project, and will be updated on a regular basis. If you'd like  to contribute to this, please contact Roger.  Regular contributors include:
Frank Passage, Stewart Wright, Jim Beshires, Sudie Moran, Daryl Tayler, Terry Davies, Marc Olayne, Marsha Fleming, Alan Kleinberger, Gary Stanley, Leonard Price, Tony Bell, Sandra Goudelock, Rob McConeghy, Ian Dickerson, Charles Laughlin, Jon Foulk, Peter Schrama, and B J George. 

Tools To Aid In Collecting And Cataloging Old Time Radio

Software programs that members find helpful.


Miscellaneous Reference Materials

See 'Publications/Articles'

Collection of articles by noted historians and OTR authors Jack French and Martin Grams. Articles are show specific and provide excellent background research material as well as interesting reading.

 Online Copyright Myths

Excellent information that can assist in clarifying problems with old time radio series and other materials on the Web   

Full Government Work On Orphaned Works

207 page congressional report on "orphaned works" . "Orphaned works" refers to copyrighted material whose authors can not be found. Obviously important to OTR research, but like most congressional documents, need a lawyer to interpret.

Actor's Endorsement of Lucky Strikes

Interesting notorized Lucky Strike endorsement