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Contact Us

   The OTRR Group is exceedingly proud of its superb volunteer staff. The reason so much outstanding work gets accomplished here is because of the dedicated efforts and wonderful leadership of the individuals listed below. If you encounter any problems or need any assistance, please feel free to contact any of the helpful people listed here.

We do have openings in our volunteer staff from time to time.  If you would like to volunteer for any vacant position or to become an assistant, please e-mail me


Title Contact Description
Jim Beshires
Please contact any of the Webmasters for information about the site, or to report a broken link, or other problems.
WIKI MASTER Menachem Shapiro  For questions concerning Wiki or to resolve Wiki issues contact the Wiki Master. The Wiki Master can also be contacted using the Suggestion Form inside the Wiki site itself.
VOLUNTEER CO-ORDINATOR Jim Beshires If you would like to volunteer to assist in any way with the future development of this site or its related groups on Yahoo, PLEASE contact the Volunteer Co-Ordinator.
Oversees and monitors the OTTER database.
ART GALLERY Paul Kornman The person responsible for posting and maintaining the OTRR Group's extensive OTR Art Gallery.
The OTTER Advisor can provide solutions to problems using the software tool OTTER. Questions should be user related and not technical in nature. Changes or corrections to individual logs should be sent to "Series Log Compilers" and not the OTTER Advisor.
Assigns and directs 'listeners' to various series that have been proposed for certification. These QA people check to make sure that the episode is what it purports to be, and that other vital information is part of the series. A Quality Assurance control sheet is supplied with each series listing the various steps the series needs to meet.
CD LABEL DESIGNS We welcome all Old Time Radio CD and Jewel Case designs!  Roger is our contact person here.
CD LIBRARIAN Paul Urbahns The OTRR Group maintains a CD Library. This library contains copies of all series that have been certified either 'Accurate' (best available at this time) or 'Complete' (contains all episodes in the series plus many additional extras). The library also contains an extensive OTR CDs collection. Members may use any library item for certifying a new series or borrow for personal use (small fee required).   Contact the Libra ian for details. Many library series are now stored at www.archive.org. To avoid damage to disks and delays in the mail it is suggested this site be checked prior to ordering from the library.
OTRR HUB LIBRARIAN Philip Philip maintains the official certified series for the OTRR Hub.
SERIES CERTIFICATION Jim Beshires The person to contact with questions about the Certification process.
SERIES LOG COMPILERS Jim Beshires This sub-group prepares new series logs utilizing 'On The Air', 'The Ultimate Guide. . . .To All Circulating Shows', 'The Big Broadcast' and a number of web sites that we deem to have valuable information. This group is always looking for additional volunteers to assist in this task.
SCRIPT GROUP This very important group has the task of downloading, organizing and maintaining the enormous number of old time radio scripts and other OTR related materials that we have discovered. As they finish their work on a given series, it will be made available to the OTR Community.
This important sub-group prepares synopsis for series. These consists of a 150-200 word description of what the series is about.
Assigns abbreviations and maintains the OTTER Abbreviation List.
POLLS Sue Responsible for tracking the distributions of old time radio series that the group has prepared. The person check with to ascertain what series might be in the circulation process, and how you might have your name added to the list to receive it.
PUBLIC RELATIONS   Charlie works with webmasters and owners of other sites to facilitate their linking our site to theirs.


These people are 'experts' in their field and provide valuable guidance and direction to the group.
US Shows Frank Passage 
Stewart Wright 
George Hughes
Australian Shows Ian Grieve  

Canadian Shows

Archie Hunter  
English Shows Paul Hurwood  
South African Shows